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Capturing from a Console
Configure a Donor Widget
Adding TwitchAlerts to Your Broadcast
Adding Music to Your Broadcast

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Just pick a template and get started. Gameshow comes with ready-to-use, game-specific templates. Each template includes several shots (i.e scenes), which have layered layouts including cameras, graphics and widgets. All the templates can be customized and edited. And importantly, there’s no limit to the number of shots (i.e. scenes) or layers, giving you unlimited creativity for building a stunning show. Starting with Gameshow 1.3, a new template export and sharing system allows you to create and share your own custom templates with the community!

Create & share templates & widgets

Gameshow comes with a number of built in templates and widgets, but you can also create and share your own with other gamers! Check out our SDK to learn more. Upload your templates and widgets on our Share & Connect page.

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Dynamic Editing

Gameshow includes easy, on-the-fly editing tools for customizing broadcast templates. Add camera shots, images, use green screen technology, rotate and rearrange items on screen. In just a few clicks you can create a look that’s totally customized to your brand.

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Save multiple documents

If you want to have a different look when you stream different games, Gameshow makes it easy. Simply create and save unique documents for every game you play. This lets you switch between games easily, while keeping a game-specific look unique to your brand.